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4 years ago

That works for english being added. However i added german language pack and tried to restart the application and the store crashed. I had to restore the database.

I have a guess: the xml file for german is somehow corrupt. I looked and nobody complained about it. The end of the file has fields neatly closed. i didnt see a problem.

However i added 2 published languages before restarting the application, is that what caused the crash do you think? Im hesitant to try again if i think it will crash again.

4 years ago

Ive installed an extra language, german. Now i get sevenspikes placeholders in several places, the footer menu when using quickview etc.

I know i can add these by hand but can i somehow uninstall and reinstall all the plugins so the system makes these entries in the database for my added language?
See and click german or english flags. Yes english has the problem too.

4 years ago

Thank you, that worked. I didn't realise the line was part of the background image, i assumed it was a border of some element.

4 years ago

  My client wants a black background for the Neo Fashion template.

If you look here  you see a white line at the top just under the headerlinks, above the logo.

I cannot find how to get rid of it. I looked everywhere in the divs and css and views, cant find it, could someone point me in the
right direction?

5 years ago

Stefan wrote:

The Nop Cloud Zoom is disabled on mobile device by default, because on mobile devices you do not have a mouse over event or something like that to trigger the zoom. What is even more it is not a good idea to have popups on mobile devices as it is not very user friendly. That is why on mobile device the cloud zoom is not integrated and when the product image is clicked, it should be opened in another tab of the browser where the customer can see a bigger version of the image.

Hope that makes sense!

I see, that makes sense, thanks for the info!

5 years ago

Weird thing. at Cloud zoom is implemented on product pages. But doesnt work on android and ios! What could cause this or is this normal.
Nopcommerce and plugins version 2.8

5 years ago

That makes sense. Thank you very much for your help! I will plod on.

5 years ago

Support wrote:
Hi ceejay34,

I did have a look at your site and now neither the menu is blinking nor the flyout cart button. So I suppose this problem has to do something with the bx slider or some of its slide effect. So I think you can use the Nop Mega Menu plugins so that it shows all the links you want without worry about this blinking issue.
As this theme is not developed by us I am afraid I will not be able to tell you how the menu works.

Hope that helps!

Should you have any queries, please let us know!

Best Regards!

Yes well, i did have to replace the standard menu back again to the megamenu plugin because my client wants the manufacturers option in the menu.
I use the official nopcommerce furniture template for this site. If the standard menu doesnt exhibit this ammyoing blinking, then there is something not right with the megamenu i think.

5 years ago

Hello Nikola, I replaced the BXslider with Nivoslider on the home page of
My client tells me there is no difference, still blinking

I have now turned off the megamenu. I edited the menu.cshtml with loads of items however only one menuitem is visible. I dont know what causes this (i use nopcommerce 2.8)

- Is it still blinking on ipad?
- where do i edit menuitems if not in menu.cshtml?

5 years ago

I can test with the normal menu, but i have myself never noticed it since i dont own any apple devices.

I did however replace the bxslider after this problem occurred with a more recent version that didnt help the issue. I'll get back to you with more later, thanks for your reply.