annoying line top menu

4 years ago
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  My client wants a black background for the Neo Fashion template.

If you look here  you see a white line at the top just under the headerlinks, above the logo.

I cannot find how to get rid of it. I looked everywhere in the divs and css and views, cant find it, could someone point me in the
right direction?
4 years ago
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Hi there,

This is what you can do to solve this issue:

If you inspect carefully the code, you will notice that on the body element the background is:

background: #000000 url("../img/background.png") repeat-x scroll left 30px;

This means that there is solid black color and one image also for background. So the top part of this image is the white line. If you want to remove it this is what you need to do:
first find the code in the file 'styles.css' (which you can find here: "~Themes/NeoFashion/Content/css/styles.css") and remove the code that set the image for background, and leave just the solid color.
This is how the code should looks like after this change:

body {
    background: #000000;
    color: #c0c0c0;
    font: 15px Sylfaen,sylfaen_ff,serif;
Peter Zhekov
4 years ago
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Thank you, that worked. I didn't realise the line was part of the background image, i assumed it was a border of some element.