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2 years ago

When a tab is added for a category. The sort method selection should only pull items from the selected Category.

Example is when I have a tab called sale, and select on sale in sort method. It should only select sale items from the selected category and not all sale items.

7 years ago

Currently have Alfresco and am looking at upgrading to Allure for the 3.3 NopCommerce release.

Can the home page banner size be changed?

Also on the Motion theme I like the way the additional images are on the side, can this be a option in Allure.

Love your Themes! Keep up the great work.



8 years ago

Thanks for the quick fix. Love your themes and A++++ on the Support and bug fixes.

It's a pleasure working with a company that truly cares.

So refreshing.

8 years ago

In your demo the tabs are not working.
Tested in IE 10 and Firefox 23.0.1

Not working with multiple images

Working with 1 image


8 years ago

Bug in JCarouse in detail page.

In  Nop Cloud Zoom Settings when I have Enable Picture Thumbnails To Be In JCarousel: checked.
And I have more than 1 product image in the product detail page the tabs are not working. but when I un-check the Enable Picture Thumbnails To Be In JCarousel: then tabs work.

This is in Alfresco theme. I have the latest version loaded. updates it on 9/23/13

How can I change it when a buyer is on the product detail page and enters qty of 2 and just hits the enter button it will add the items to the cart instead of the wishlist.

Thanks in advance.

9 years ago

Love the new Jewelry Theme.
Some of our items have 5 or more product images. I would like the thumb images to scroll left to right instead of just showint all thumbs. It takes up a lot of space.
Show 3 or 4 thumbs with scrolling to see others like your other themes.

Thanks in advance.

9 years ago

Looking for install Docs for Jewelry theme. Just purchased it.

Thanks in advance.