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3 months ago

Hello again dear people!
I have a situation with the email that is being displayed in the footer of the theme: it has spaces between the email.
I really don´t know to fix this,since I thought that the problem was an accident modifying the string in the admin, hence why it has those spaces, but it was not the case.
Furthermore, there is another string of email called [] that doesn't have spaces but I couldn´t get it to appear in the footer.
Your help would be very appreciated!
Stay safe and keep up the good work

P.S.: I also noticed while writing this and other topics; the enquiry/message area does not display correctly the line breaks.

3 months ago

Hi guys,
hope you're doing great!
I think the inside zoom of the CloudZoom is not working properly while doing the quick view in a product. It acts really wierd compared when viewing it from the product page. i thought it was a thing in my page but it happens too in the demo site.
Take care and keep up the good work!

3 months ago

Yeah, maybe one.
I think you can do something like Snapppt for this case.
I just started to use this since a client is using it for her old site, although with a combination of your HTML Plugin. Basically they have an already approved app for using a connection with Instagram. So maybe you can create a single app so that the clients don't have to handle all the hassle of trying to get the app approved.
But maybe that may require for you guys an extra development just for Instagram. It has good functions too, so who knows? Maybe you can do a new plugin.  

3 months ago

Hi there, dear Nop community!
Like the title of this topic says, I want to display the picture of the categories in the home instead of showing the name. Because I have the name of the categories to not display in the Custom Head Styles, none of the catgories are displaying in the home page. Is there any way of doing this as an admin configuration or i'll have to do it in the CHS/style.css?
Thanks in advance!

4 months ago

They'll probably have to update the plugin in order to use the conection with the new API, plus updating the documentation for the configuration.