Instagram API updated

one month ago
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I have recently purchased the social feed plugin and the documentation shows instructions on how to register a new client from the Instagram developer's portal, however, Instagram has disabled this feature and has moved to integration using facebook's developers API for this.  It appears the plugin connection is no longer up to date.  

The old URL shows Instagram will be disabling the API on March 31st 2020 and they are not allowing any further clients to be created at this time.

They point to using this API now.

Do you have any further instructions on how the plugin settings need to be created to allow for this API update?

I am currently using Nop 3.9.

29 days ago
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They'll probably have to update the plugin in order to use the conection with the new API, plus updating the documentation for the configuration.
27 days ago
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Yeah that is what I was afraid of.  Not sure how quickly they can update the plugin but I may have to look for alternatives.
23 days ago
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Hi guys,

We have been discussing this internally since Instagram was moved as part of the Facebook apps.
Updating the API is not a problem the problem is the process of approval of the Facebook apps and now Instagram respectively.
We have been submitting our Facebook app for review approval many times and they always reply with some new reasons to reject it. It could literally takes months to get your app approved by Facebook.
This is not OK since we can't have you(our clients) to go through so long process as it makes the plugin very unpractical. We are looking for some alternatives but most of them are quite unreliable and having an app with API access is still the best way to ensure that the plugin would work without any problems.

We seriously consider to deprecate the plugin until we find a solution.

If you guys have any ideas then we will be glad to hear them!
Boyko Stanev
7 days ago
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Yeah, maybe one.
I think you can do something like Snapppt for this case.
I just started to use this since a client is using it for her old site, although with a combination of your HTML Plugin. Basically they have an already approved app for using a connection with Instagram. So maybe you can create a single app so that the clients don't have to handle all the hassle of trying to get the app approved.
But maybe that may require for you guys an extra development just for Instagram. It has good functions too, so who knows? Maybe you can do a new plugin.