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Your welcome!  Glad that worked for you.

HenkW wrote:
I have the same problem, spent hours to get rid off the picture tab but I can't figure out how to do it. Can you please let me know how to do this in detail? Any help would be great.

1) Login as admin and navigate to "configuration/settings/all settings".
2) Search "setting name" for the setting tabsettings.enableproductpicturetab
3) Change the value to "false" noting that this MUST be lowercase.  "False" will not work. *
4) Clear the store's cache.

* Unfortunately the nop-templates developers departed from the standard "True" and "False" and are instead using lowercase "true" and "false" in most cases.  I learned this the hard way.  Hoping the developers can address this discrepancy in some future release!

Those of us who subscribe to the Ultimate collections (Themes and/or Plugins) need to stay current with the latest releases.  Which means lots of downloading and extracting files, expanding ZIPs, finding out what's new, what's changed, etc.

Please consider these two packaging enhancements to make our lives easier:

1) Don't place ZIPs inside ZIPs.  There's very little to gain in terms of compression, and it makes for a heck of a lot of work in unpacking the files.

2) Kindly include detailed release notes with each release of Themes and/or Plugins.  The alternative is to do a file compare with the previous version, also very tedious.

Thanks in advance for anything you can do to make this process easier!

tabsettings.enableproductpicturetab=false does the job, however there still appears to be a bug in the quick tabs when tabsettings.enableproductpicturetab=true.

The "picture" tab is throwing off the rest of the product detail page, including related products.

This is happening with all 3.4 templates.

How can I hide the "picture" tab completely?

11 years ago

I have created a version of this similar to your needs...I can post the solution here if you like.  What version of nopCommerce are you using?

11 years ago

In the Admin panel, navigate to Plugins / Nop Electronics Theme / Settings and check "Enable default category navigation".

11 years ago

I think for your customer base it would be easier and less confusing to have a 2-item template that in fact displays 2 items.

Or even better, have the plugin automatically change the appearance (size) based on the number of items displayed.

11 years ago

Opera V12

11 years ago

I like Quick Tabs, however, would like to see it fully integrated into the product information.

For example instead of what I see now: before

I would like to see the following: after

Please advise if this would be available in Quick Tabs in the future.