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6 years ago

Hi this is Jit.
Nitro theme home page have a section name is Featured Products. I need to change from featured product to all categories product with picture so when customer click picture that time open products, which products are under this category and from home page also want to remove categories left side column bar. For example please click the link: Please let me know the process or have code, how can I do it? I am waiting for the response.

Thank you so much

6 years ago

Hello! nop commerce

I am using nopcommerce nitro temple but, i want to change the top menu icon like wishlist, log in icon to easy to understand customer for what mean of icon clearly. Please let me know how can i do it?

Thank you so much

6 years ago

This is Jit.
We have our own server to host our website. Our website loading response time too long may be 60.00 sec (according to the Pingdom result). So I need to reduce this problem. Please let me know, how to reduce website response time? For check our website link:

Thank you so much.
I am waiting for your response regarding topic.

6 years ago

in this nitro theme categories and the search box position is on the slider  so that customer do not able to see the full slider picture that's why i need to place this categories and search box section after the slider so that clearly see the slide picture. For understand click the below link and see the home page slide picture section I hope you will understand my point.


Thank you

Thank you so much. I am very happy to have quick service from you Thank you once again.

6 years ago

In nitro theme i need to adjust my slider with full view main slider because when i use full slider view that time in slider picture some text will does not showing because of the search and categories part of headline. I need to adjust this one after the slider.Please let me know how can i adjust the slider with full view.

Thanks in advance.

Thank you so much for help me. I am very happy to have your reply.

I also need to add picture border for separating every product like box, how can i do it?Please give me the solution. I trying but i do not able to o it.

Thanks in advance

I have a problem, I am using Nitro Theme to make a website. On the nitro theme have one feature which is when you move your mouse cursor on the product picture that time on the product picture have comes hover and short product description so i need to remove hover and short details. Please is there any one to assist me.
Thank you in advance.