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6 years ago
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Hi this is Jit.
Nitro theme home page have a section name is Featured Products. I need to change from featured product to all categories product with picture so when customer click picture that time open products, which products are under this category and from home page also want to remove categories left side column bar. For example please click the link: Please let me know the process or have code, how can I do it? I am waiting for the response.

Thank you so much
6 years ago
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You can remove the manufacturer navigation by editing the ~/Themes/Nitro/Views/Shared/_ColumnsTwo.cshtml. On line 44 you will find the following code:

@Html.Action("CategoryNavigation", "Catalog", new { currentCategoryId = currentCategoryId, currentProductId = currentProductId })

You will need to remove it.

Unfortunately, you cannot change the Featured Products to products from all categories. I would suggest you use one of the plugins that come with the Nitro theme to display the products you want on the home page.
JCarousel is a perfect candidate. You can display a carousel of products on your home page.

You can read more about the JCarousel in its documentation.

Hope this helps!
Anton Ivanov