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3 years ago

No suggestions regarding this?

3 years ago

Hi, I am in the process of upgrading from 3.9 to 4.3 by creating a new site

We are building a custom theme but using the Ajax Filters plugin.

I noticed something during testing the other day, one category contains about 500 products, page size is set to 20 products and we have Endless scroll enabled.

What I noticed is that the category page would load the first 20 products and then the next 20 and the next 20 until all 500 products would be loaded on the page, this would happen without any scrolling being done and I found this awesome and thought maybe this was part of the new speed improvements 4.3 is supposed to bring.

This "feature" is now gone and I was asking my main developer about this and he had not noticed when this was happening and does not know why this would happen.

Do you have any suggestions as to what was going on and how we could make this happen again, this really reduced loading time for large categories, wich has been a problem for us, and I would really like to have this feature if possible.

9 years ago

I am having the same problem, my customer reminders don´t look like the one shown on your Customer reminders overview page

It is supposed to look like this:

Mine however looks like this:

Here is a reminder I got from you, it also does not look like the one showed on the overview page but looks more like mine:

I am using Nopcommerce 3.1

9 years ago

Is it possible to use this plugin with Nopcommerce 3.1

I can see that 3.4 is supported but could I maybe make it work with 3.1 with some customization?

10 years ago

Thank you, that has solved my problem

I really can´t believe I didn´t figure this one out, I guess it was too obvious :-p

10 years ago

Hi there

When Quick tabs are enabled @Html.Action("ProductSpecifications", "Catalog", new { productId = Model.Id }) located at ProductTemplateSimple.cshtml stops working and you can only have your specifications in a tab, I would like to use the tabs for various information but display my specifications on another spot on the page and not in a tab, Is there something I can modify to do this or is it not possible? (I am using 3.1)

If it is not possible, it would be nice that if you uncheck the "Enable Product Specifications Tab" then it should work like they did before the tabs were enabled (same goes for review and overview checkboxes)

Hi there, I have been following these instructions posted above and have successfully changed the Ajax Filters to display my currency symbol like Nopcommerce does, additionaly have I changed the code in the PriceRangeFilterSlider.min.js to move the slider values from the currentMinPrice/currentMaxPrice to priceRangeMinPrice/priceRangeMaxPrice, i did that by changing all values of

(".priceRangeFilterPanel7Spikes .priceRangeCurrentPricesPanel .currentMinPrice")
(".priceRangeFilterPanel7Spikes .priceRangeMinMaxPanel .priceRangeMinPrice")
and all values of
(".priceRangeFilterPanel7Spikes .priceRangeCurrentPricesPanel .currentMaxPrice")
(".priceRangeFilterPanel7Spikes .priceRangeMinMaxPanel .priceRangeMaxPrice")

My problem is that I have custom formatting on my currency and it displays like it should when the page which contain the filters opens but when i move the slider the custom formatting drops and changed values are displayed with the currency symbol without the custom formatting, it displays like that after refresh unless you move the slider to its min and max values and then refresh, then the custom formatting displays until you move the slider again

My custom formatting is
# ###,###.##
because I only want to show the numbers not the currency symbol.

I´m not very skilled with Javascript/Jquery so I am not sure what to change so the custom formatting can be displayed also while moving the slider, any suggestions?

10 years ago

I´m not sure if its a bug or not but my left minus margin gets under so that part of my ribbon gets hidden, i have tried applying z-index variables but nothing seems to ghange the way it is displayed
I am using theme Alfresco and the problem can be seen on the following image