Unistalled ALFRESCO THEME PLUGIN, now I can't enter store and/or admin

6 years ago
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I was installing ALFRESCO THEME as instructed here:

After I installed all the plugins, I set ALFRESCO as the theme for my store using NOPCOMMERCE admin area.
Then I was going to add the slider to my home page and, for some reason, this pluggin was not available.
I tough some files couldn't had been uploaded or something, so I decided to upload all the slider plugin folder again but, since the instructions says the THEME plugin should be installed at last, I uninstalled it (the them plugin) BUT I forgot to first change NOPCOMMERCE to the default theme in the admin area again. Because of this now I can't enter the admin area nor my store.

So I need to know if I can change the theme by code to return NOPCOMMERCE to the original theme so I can do it all over again.

I appreciate your support about this.

PS: see the error here:
6 years ago
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