Very wierd problem

10 years ago
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I'm having a very strange problem with Ajax Cart plugin.
My store shows Bestsellers and Featured Products on home page.

The problem happens when the same product is Bestsellers and Featured Products at the same time.

The product appears with 2 textboxes and 2 "Add to Cart" buttons.

After much research, I concluded that the problem was AjaxCart. When I disable it, everything works correctly.

Steps to reproduce the problem:
1 - Enable Show Bestsellers.
2 - Enable Show Featured Products
3 - Select a product as Featured
4 - Make a purchase of this product

When the purchase is made, this product will automatically appear on bestsellers and products. Then you will see what I'm saying.

I use Electronics Theme but it happens with all themes I tested.
And I'm running nopComemrce 3.10.
10 years ago
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Hi rsolani,

You have already reported this in another forum topic here.
Please don't duplicate posts.

Regards, Team