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one year ago
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Hi all,
I am using Nop 4.0 version(Venture and Prisma)themes in this I implemented French language but the problem was when installed seven spike mega menu plugin not loaded French language words in menu like my account, blog, contact us, about us etc...., how can I update entire site with all seven spike plugins like mega menu and ajax filters.....

Venkat Goud.
one year ago
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You can edit the resources for your languages from Administration -> Configuration -> Languages -> String Resources.
The menu items in the mega menu are not resources, though. The menu items have a setting "Title" that can have different values per language. In order to change it you will need to go to Administration -> Nop-Templates -> Plugins -> Mega Menu -> Manage Menus -> Edit Menu -> Menu Items and edit the menu item by clicking the downfacing arrow next to the name of the menu item. After that, choose the language from the tabs above the Title setting and enter a value.

Hope that helps!
Anton Ivanov