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2 years ago
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I'm concidering You Sales Campaign Plugin for one of our customer.

I have noticed that this plugin should works seamlessly with the Nop Product Ribbons plugin, how is that expected to work and is there any configuration in the Campaign plugin that will create a related Ribbon and is it possible to select ribbon images ect.?

Also I noticed that when You create a std. Nop Discount, it's possible to specify a time part of the start and end date. but in the Ribbons plugin it's not possible to specify a time part. The discount and ribbon will not be correct sync.?

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2 years ago
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There is no direct integration between the Sales Campaigns plugin and the Product Ribbons plugin. However, that doesn't mean that using both the plugins to display discounts on your store isn't easy to configure.

After creating a sales campaign with a discount (lets say with 10% discount on some of your products) and activating it you can create a ribbon for the discounted products. Using the conditions for the ribbons you can target products that have a discount from the campaign you created. e.g. Creating a ribbon with condition:
Condition type: Product
Condition property: Discount percentage
Operator: Equal to
Value: 10

The ribbon will target the products you have just put a discount on by the sales campaign plugin.

You can specify a time for your campaign to run. When the time runs out (or the time frame condition is not met) the campaign stops and the product prices are reverted to their original values. Since the products do not have a discount the product ribbon you created will stop showing for them.

Please read our Product Ribbons, Sales Campaigns and Conditions documentations.

Hope this information and example was helpfull to you!
Anton Ivanov