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6 years ago
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What size should the uploaded image be for all products?
6 years ago
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The size of the images used on the Alicante theme demo site is 600px width and 750px height.
If you want your site to look good with the cloud zoom  plugin i recommend using pictures with the same ratio (width to height) and with no less than 450px width (for example 450px/563px,  500px/625px  etc.)

If you upload images with those sizes and they still appear smaller check in your nopCommerce administration Configuration => Settings => Media Settings if these values are the same:

Avatar image size:  85

Product thumbnail image size (catalog):    260

Product detail image size:  320

Product thumbnail image size (product page):  100

Associated product image size:     125

Category thumbnail image size:    300

Manufacturer thumbnail image size:  260

Cart/Wishlist thumbnail image size:  80

Mini-shopping cart thumbnail image size:  47

Maximum image size:  1920

If some are different please correct them and then save the changes.

Hope I've been useful,

Nikola Dragiev

NopTemplates Team
Best regards,
Nikola Dragiev
3 years ago
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When i try to add image in topic(local is working) on server,through insert image->source image in Image/Content/Uploaded picture is attached, but on page isnt showing picture.I use nopcommerce 3.80.using nopPavilion theme
Permissions are set in folder.ACl is admin all checked.I'm using nopPavilion theme, so doest it have something in which i have to chane here?
3 years ago
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Hello Iva,

The issue you are having is not related to the Alicante Theme. I cannot seem to reproduce it. If you want you can try and submit a ticket with your admin credentials so we can check your nopCommerce configuration for any mistakes and help you.
Anton Ivanov