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20 days ago

toanhnt wrote:
Be able to add link to info boxes. There's no good just to see image and text, most of the time users would want to click on the image

Thank you for the suggestion. We will definitely consider what you suggest.

20 days ago

Gandalf wrote:
Shopping Cart Button for Grouped Products / Multiple Variants

If you have multiple variants of a grouped product, there is no indication on the top part of the page that you have a shopping cart available. The customer has to scroll to the bottom part of the product form before they see their purchase options. For people trying to make a quick purchase, they may not notice or bother, and just skip purchasing.

I think this can be improved in one of two ways:

1) Toward the top part of the screen, just like for single product forms, have an 'add to cart' button.  If pressed, just scroll down to the variants are listed.  

2) Arrange the variants toward the top of the form, using a radio button, check box, or combo box to select the variant.  Example of this (which I have used successfully elsewhere) is:

In addition, it would be nice if the quick view had a shopping cart option for group products with variants, just like it does for individual items.


We have developed the Product Page - Grouped in the Venture theme in the way that the platform layout displays that information. The plugin you mentioned is not distributed by us, but the idea you have suggested is interesting and we will definitely consider such an approach. Thank you for your feedback and for using our products.

4 months ago


The CSS files of the theme are not separated by a certain view but are divided according to the device resolution. So if you want to find the styles for a certain page you will have to look through all files. Also, you will have to have in mind that we have used Mobile first approach while developing our products and the styling is applied first on mobile resolutions.

Wish List
5 months ago


We tested the website you provided but unfortunately could not reproduce such an issue. All products seem to add to the wishlist correctly. The issue you described sounds like something that could be caused by slow loading of the Ajax Cart Plugin, which can be a problem caused by your hosting space or a CDN service. Can you please try again after clearing chance or restarting your nopCommerce application. Also, you can contact us about that issue or others you want to report or suggest via our ticketing system, this way we can communicate easier and will improve the quality of our support.

Thank You.


This problem is already fixed in version 4.0. If you update your theme to the latest version the shopping cart link will not be visible anymore on mobile devices.

Basic Changes
6 months ago


Unfortunately, our free support doesn't include client customizations and we will not be able to help you with your requests. If you are interested in our custom services you can submit us a ticket and we will give you an idea about your first two requests. And for your third request, I'm afraid that similar to the price range slider filter will not be possible with the code we have at the moment in the Nop Ajax Filters plugin.

Footer info
6 months ago


Unfortunately, in nopCommrce string resources can't have an empty value or empty space and if the resource is deleted the name of the resource will be visible. This doesn't give us any other option, to hide such information resources, than to do it with CSS. In the upcoming version 4.10 we are planning to integrate a smarter solution for such cases, but until then you will have to add this CSS code inside your Custom Head Styles (Admin -> Nop-Templates -> Themes -> Venture -> Settings):

.footer-block.find-us {
    display: none;


The google font links are located in the Themes\Venture\Views\Shared\_Root.Head.cshtml file. You can add the files to the \Themes\Venture\Content\fonts folder and the CSS that links them can be added in the \Themes\Venture\Content\css\styles.css file. Basically, there is no tangible difference when you link the fonts from your website files or from google. Linking them from Google is an easier solution and gives you the maneuverability to include or exclude symbols that you will not need.

8 months ago


Our Venture Theme is produced with Light and Dark variants to cover both cases when our clients main brand color is darker or lighter. So if your theme color is dark blue, maybe you could try using the light color variant of Venture. Of course, we discussed giving our clients the ability to specify the Dark or Light variants for a specific section, not for the whole website, but creating a lot of identical settings was dismissed as the best solution for this case. We decided to keep thing simple and easy to set up and operate.

The hover on some of the buttons in the theme is slightly darker than the specified theme color and unless the main color of the theme is almost black the hover effect on the buttons should be visible.

The Venture Theme uses both Icon Font and SVG image files. The reason for that is because nopCommerce was written of HTML4 when it was released and the default structure still uses a lot of old elements like input[type="button"] for example. The problem with such elements is that pseudo-elements like :before cannot be used to add icons from the icon font. Of course, we could overwrite those specific razor view files and change the HTML elements, but this would make the theme slower and difficult to support. So we have decided to use a combination of both.

We are happy that you are satisfied with our product and are grateful for your feedback.

8 months ago


Thank you for reporting that. There were some incorrect selectors in the color presets of the theme and the problem is already fixed. If you download the latest version of the theme's plugin from our website and update, the problem will not be visible anymore. Don't forget to save the theme color again from the administration after you update the plugin, otherwise the color presets won't change. If you have any other bug reports or suggestions please don't hesitate to contact us via our ticketing system. This way it will be easier and faster for our support to help.