tunji69 wrote:
Hello, I am seeing an issue with this plugin and would love some help or ideas for a workaround if possible

I have Grouped Products and a drop down with the Parent Product and the various variants. When an item is selected, I want the variant picture to be displayed. This works perfectly.

However, when I hover over the picture for any of the variants, the picture zooms in but stays static and the cursor changes to a cross hair one. From then on if I select any other product the picture doesn’t  reset to that of the selected variant and stays zoomed in with the cross air cursor.

Only when I do a refresh would the functionality return, until I hover over the picture.

The zooming works fine on the parent product , however once you hover on it, the next product you select exhibits the static zoomed in picture behavior as described above.

Thnak you and here is my razor code below:

@await Component.InvokeAsync("Widget", new { widgetZone =  PublicWidgetZones.ProductDetailsEssentialTop, additionalData = Model })
    IHtmlContent cloudZoom = null;
if ((settingService.GetSettingByKey("AvenueThemeSettings.ProductPageLayout",            "standard-gallery", storeId, true).Equals("standard-gallery")))
cloudZoom = await Component.InvokeAsync("Widget", new { widgetZone =              "sevenspikes_cloud_zoom", additionalData = Model });
@if (cloudZoom != null && !String.IsNullOrEmpty(cloudZoom.ToHtmlString()))
<div class="prod-pict" >

        // Go through the loop and put a div around each, hide all
        // Only when selected do you show.
        foreach (var variant in Model.AssociatedProducts)
           IHtmlContent cloudZoomVar = null;

cloudZoomVar = await Component.InvokeAsync("Widget", new { widgetZone = "sevenspikes_cloud_zoom", additionalData = variant });

if (cloudZoomVar != null && !String.IsNullOrEmpty(cloudZoomVar.ToHtmlString()))
<div class="prod-pict prodvarpic-@(variant.Id)" data-productid="@variant.Id" style="display:none">


Thank you for reaching out!

I can see that you have raised a ticket in our system. We will get back to you soon.