Why your blog needs the new Nop Rich Blog plugin?

Why your blog needs the new Nop Rich Blog plugin?

If content marketing is part of your online business strategy, you are certainly trying to create relevant and valuable content with the intention of changing or enhancing consumer behavior. If you are doing this you are certainly managing a blog page on your website. If your store runs on nopCommerce, a blog page is included by default. This is really good news. The not-so-good news is that it offers a limited functionality. The default blog in nopCommerce lists your blog content based on the date it was created. It does not offer the option to have a blog search or to organize your blog posts into categories, features that are crucial if you want your readers to easily browse and find the content they are looking for.

Having faced the same limitation for our Nop-Templates.com blog page, we came to the conclusion that we needed to create a plugin that will help us improve our blog content management. Soon our customers began noticing the difference and started asking us how they can achieve the same for their blog pages. As a result, we decided to productize the plugin, so that others can also benefit from it.

Now you can make your blog shine with the new Nop Rich Blog plugin for nopCommerce. The plugin is packed with great features that will help you manage your blog content better. Here is a list of them:

1. Each blog post can be featured on the home page of your website with its unique image and short description. You can choose the widget zone in which the blog post to appear.

Feature Blog Posts on the home page

2. On the blog list and blog details pages you can choose to have an image for each blog post.

Blog Post Picture

3. Have a blog post mapped to a certain category (e.g marketing, sales, e-commerce etc). Choose the position of the category navigation (before or after the blog tags and blog archive).

Blog Categories

4. Have a blog search so that your customers can easily find the blog post they are looking for.

Search in blog

5. Have a previous/next navigation on the blog post page, which will lead you to the previous or next blog post depending on the date it was created.

Previous/Next Navigation

6. Choose to show related blogs for each blog post.

Related blog posts

7. Have social sharing buttons for each blog post.

Social sharing buttons

To see all available settings please go the administration of the plugin.

The Nop Rich Blog is part of our best value Nop Ultimate Plugin Collection now including 24 plugins.