Why choose Nop Ajax Cart?

Why choose Nop Ajax Cart?

Our primarily goal when developing nopCommerce extensions is to create products that will be of value to our customers and will help them build a successful online business. Having this in mind we have created the Nop Ajax Cart for nopCommerce. Why bother doing this when nopCommerce comes with an ajax cart by default, you may ask?

The main and probably most important reason is that with the Nop Ajax Cart an unnecessary and a very cumbersome step in the shopping process is being omitted –redirecting your customers to the product page. Something as simple as this, might be the difference between your customers having a pleasant and ceaseless shopping experience and your customers being confused, even abandoning their shopping cart.

In this blog post I will guide you through the main features of this powerful plugin and show you how your online business can benefit from it.

One of the major features of the Nop Ajax Cart is that you can add products to your shopping cart straight from the category page or any other product list page. Once your client clicks on the add to cart button, the product will be instantly added to their shopping cart and a pop-up window will open displaying the selected product and giving them the options to checkout, view their basket or continue shopping.

Let’s not forget that you can also select the quantity you wish to purchase, again straight from any product list page.

The major differences between the Nop Ajax Cart and the default nopCommerce ajax cart are: 

1. Instead of being redirected to the product page, the product attributes are displayed in a pop-up window, making it really easy to select for example the size or color of the item you wish to purchase.

2. What about grouped products? No need to go to the product page for this either. You can view them and select your item in a pop up window and then simply continue with the shopping process.

3. The Nop Ajax Cart also works with gift cards in nopCommerce.

4. Last but not least, the Nop Ajax Cart is integrated with our Nop Quick View plugin so that nopCommerce customers can have a completely seamless shopping experience

I hope I have managed to pinpoint the most important features of the Nop Ajax Cart and to convince you of the benefits this plugin can offer to your online business. After all, the major goal of every online store is to offer a great shopping experience so that customers keep shopping and coming back.

If you wish to test the Nop Ajax Cart, please go to its administration.