The history of the Nop Ultimate Plugin Collection - guess what's coming next and win!

Our Nop Ultimate Plugin Collection has grown quite a lot since we started developing for nopCommerce more than an year ago. One of the greatest advantages of the collection over the individual plugins is that customers receive new plugins added to the collection for free. So we decided to share how the Nop Ultimate Plugin Collection was developed over time, what nopCommerce plugins were added to it and when. We started with one plugin, the Nop Ajax Filters and kept the development rolling and adding a new nopCommerce plugin every month. Then we took a break and for several months worked on adding new features and improving the plugins. Now we are again stepping up on the new plugins development, which started with the Nop Quick View last month.

Two more nopCommerce plugins will be added to the Nop Ultimate Plugin Collection with our coming release this month while the price of the collection will remain the same.

Guess the functionality of any of these plugins by writing in the comments below and win a license for them for free. Customers of the Nop Ultimate Plugin Collection will get the plugins for free anyway, but they are more than welcomed to participate.

Nop Ultimate Plugin Collection