The future of the Dark Orange theme from nopCommerce 2.8 onwards?

Now that nopCommerce 2.8 has a new default look (Default Clean theme) a lot of nopCommerce users must be wondering what is going to happen to the previous default nopCommerce theme, the well-known Dark Orange theme. After all there are quite a few nopCommerce web sites that are using it, yet it is no longer supported and will not be part of the future releases of nopCommerce.

Does this mean that every nopCommerce store owner running the default Dark Orange theme needs to upgrade the theme for themselves with every new release of nopCommerce? What about the non-techy store owners? Without a good knowledge of the system and a working knowledge of C# and MVC Razor this is actually not possible.

Fortunately we have an answer to this dilemma. From nopCommerce 2.8 onwards NopTemplates have been given the right by the nopCommerce team to support the Dark Orange theme through future versions of nopCommerce. Even better...we intend to improve the theme, just like we did with the nopClassic theme before (the nopClassic theme did drop out of nopCommerce in the same way) and release it for free.

So stay tuned for our nopCommerce themes release, which is coming this week!