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one year ago

Hi Anton_ivanov,
Thanks for your reply. I have tried with both unchecking the option 'Use one page checkout:' and checked but cannot revert to default theme Nop checkout. Below are the replication steps:

1. Installed default nop 3.7 locally. Checkout as also default.
2. Installed seven spikes core and one page checkout.
3. In plugin option (Enable One Page Checkout plugin and  Disable Shopping Cart) is checked.
4. Plugin works.

Now, to revert to nop default checkout process.
1. uncheck the option in plugin (Enable One Page Checkout plugin and  Disable Shopping Cart)
2. Uninstall the plugin
3. delete the folder
4. Cannot revert to default nop checkout

One more issue I want to mention, I have disabled the checkout as guest screen in default nop but once I install the one page checkout plugin , the page came back.

Hope using the steps issue can be replicated. I want to fix this issue asap.
Thank you

one year ago

To add, the product is shipping disabled but still the http://localhost:15536/cart shopping cart page show the shipping option. I have uninstalled both core and the plugin but cannot revert to default nop.

one year ago

Nope cannot revert, posted last one by mistake and cannot edit/delete post.

one year ago

Nevermind, forget to uncheck 'Disable Shopping Cart:' before uninstalling and deleted the plugin folder.

one year ago

Hi Team,
This is really weird and not sure what other thing to check.

1. Have default clean code installed locally and the used the default checkout as on

2. Dropped the folder 'SevenSpikes.Core' and 'SevenSpikes.Nop.Plugins.RealOnePageCheckout' and installed locally to see the oncepagecheckout plugin.

3. When tried to uninstall, remove folder cannot revert back to previous checkout flow.

Any suggestions

one year ago

Can we get any thoughts on this issue.
Thank you

one year ago

Used the default theme(3.7) and the edit link show on the checkout(as no css is modified).
Also under Admin/Setting/ShoppingCart - Allow cart item editing is enabled.

But as soon as the one page checkout plugin is enabled the edit link is gone.

Checked the razor view for default theme.

@if (Model.IsEditable && item.AllowItemEditing)
                                   var editCartItemUrl = Url.RouteUrl("Product", new {SeName = item.ProductSeName});
                                   editCartItemUrl = webHelper.ModifyQueryString(editCartItemUrl, "updatecartitemid=" + item.Id, null);
                                   <div class="edit-item">
                                       <a href="@editCartItemUrl">@T("Common.Edit")</a>

But do not see any code in plugin. Not sure what is causing the issue now.

one year ago

Thanks Boyko for the reply. And for edit on the one page shopping cart page? I don't need any link to edit the product once on the cart page.

one year ago

I am curious that default nop can skip the page and edit the package on checkout page. But this feature are missing from plugin. Am I missing any configuration?

one year ago

Hi, we want to skip the guest checkout page once user click the 'Add to cart' on the product details page. After the click the user should see the checkout screen. Can we do it using this plugin or setting in nop.