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Could someone from nopTemplates reply to say if any of these features have been implemented? Specifically feature 2.

This plugin looks a good fit for me with the exception of the sale price calculation. All the products on my site use the OldPrice field for the MSRP price and most of the time the selling price is less than this.

Currently the plugin seems to copy the price field to the OldPrice field and then calculate the sale price. I need the plugin to leave the OldPrice field alone and just modify the price field by the additional percentage configured in the campaign.

As it works at the moment I may be advertising a product at 15% below MSRP as my standard selling price, but when a sales campaign starts it looks like I am then only discounting by say 5% when in fact it is 20% below MSRP.

2 years ago

Being able to exclude products or categories from showing the price match button. I am a bit surprised it is not there already. I am going to have to create custom product templates to ensure the widget is not rendered on excluded products.

2 years ago

I want to enable infinite scrolling on my category pages rather than a paginated view. However I am concerned this may affect Google indexing.

I.e. if the products are loaded as the user scrolls, is the google indexer going to be able to follow these links as they wont be on the page on the initial load.

If you search google for "infinite scroll seo" you can see lots of articles warning against using infinite scroll unless there is a way on the page to also load the product links.

5 years ago

After some testing - including me seeing the bundled css was being updated, I have added a line to head.cshtml to explicitly bundle theme.custom-1.css and now it is working.

So this is good enough for me for now.

Could you confirm to me that it is OK to have a higher version of the SevenSpikes.Core plugin than some of the other plugins and the theme?

At the moment I have:

Core Plugin ver 28111
JCarousel Plugin ver 28111
All other plugins ver 22320
Pavilion Theme ver 22320

I have made quite a few customisations to the theme's razor and css files so It would be a bit of a job to upgrade it all.

5 years ago

I have this on my internal development machine so it is not easy to provide you access. I have done a search and the correct colour is in theme.custom-1.css and theme.custom-3.css but the wrong colours are in ThemeBundle.css

Head.cshtml references the other css files in that folder which all have the incorrect colours in. So I don't know where the theme.custom and ThemeBundle files are referenced.

Looking at the git history of this project, none of the files in  /Themes/Pavilion/Content/css
have changed.

5 years ago

OK, as an update to this,  have re-created the carousels and I can see the options for a carousel have changed quite a lot, so I assume it is old data causing the error.

I have one problem outstanding. I have lost my custom theme colours - (colour preset in the theme admin screen)

No matter what I do, they stay as the default #00a1b and f74258. None of the preset colours seem to work now. Is this something to do with the Core plugin version being different to the theme version?

5 years ago

So I am getting there. This is all on my development instance so its not affecting the live site.

The site uses the pavilion theme version 22320.
I downloaded the latest pavilion theme and I have installed the JCarousel plugin from it (by deleting the plugin folders (JCarousel and core) and copying the new plugin files over and restarting the w3p process). It looks to work well on the client side, but in the amdin portal I got an error when editing a jCarousel.

Method not found: 'Boolean SevenSpikes.Nop.Plugins.JCarousel.Models.JCarouselEntitySettingsModel.get_ShowProductsPrice()'.

I definitely restarted the w3p prcoess a number of times during this.

So next I uninstalled the jCarousel and reinstalled it. Now the admin panel appears to work correctly but I have lost all my configured carousels.

Is there a way I can get this working on live without uninstalling/reinstalling the JCarousel plugin? i.e. not loosing my carousels.

P.S. Is it an issue to install the latest SevenSpikes.core plugin without updating all the plugins?

5 years ago

I've got version 22320 at the moment. So I will try the latest version later on today or tomorrow.

5 years ago

I have created a custom widget zone on the shopping cart page and created jCarousel with the source as "recently viewed products".
I have noticed that the carousel is being cached on the first view. So if the user goes to the shopping cart, then browses some more products. The carousel does not show the products viewed after the first time the cart was viewed.

I have placed this jCarousel on the product page (widget productdetails_bottom) it does update correctly there.

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7 years ago

hristian.dimov wrote:


In the Instant search plugin administration, there is a setting called "Visible Individually Only", could you please uncheck it and see if there are any difference?

Looking forward to your reply!

    I have unchecked that option and the search now works with the header search box, but does not work on the main search page. Is there another setting somewhere or do IO need to modify the view?