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10 years ago

I need filters available for all pages on my site. Now it just shows on subcategory page. I want the filters to show on homepage, new products page and other pages too.

Can please someone throw some light on it?

Hi Milen,
How to stop the Duplicate Meta Description on Multiple pages...In 'General And Miscellaneous Settings -->SEO Settings  I has given default meta description.This default meta description is duplicates in many other pages like contact us, blog, about us, log in, register...etc.,. I want to stop that duplication..Please guide me regarding this..

I am planning to buy Nop Smart SEO. It comes with source code or without source code..
If i buy it once, can i use it for life time or only one year...

Hi Ivan Stoyanov,
Thanks for your reply...I have one more doubt regarding plugins.
With Nop Classic Theme package i got 7 plugins...but, i don't want all those, among them i want only two, if i install only two plugins will it works fine or need to install all the plugins.....

I am using Nop Classic Theme in my nopcommerce 2.8 version.I installed it successfully. each and everything is fine, but sometimes while i am running my website i got a message "you are using trail version of nopmegamenu"........could you please tell me how to solve this problem

    I was installed nop classic i want to  display the logos of manufacturers under menu which is like in demo.
can any one suggest me plz......