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Thank you for your response.  I had not run all your upgrade scripts for each version in between version 2.7 through 3.3. After doing that all is well! Thank you again!


I have run the upgrade script against database. So far, only plugin issue I have is when trying to Install Nop Anywhere Sliders I get the following error: "There is already an object named 'Carousel3DSettings_SLider' in the database. Could not create constraint. See previous errors. "
All other plugins reloaded.
Thank you.

Clearing the cache does help make sure the mega menu is showing the categories the shopper has access to but those categories seem to disappear after some time. Maybe 20 or 30 minutes... it's hard to tell for sure. Now, when logged in as a registered shopper, I no longer see the category in the MegaMenu but DO see the category in the navigation on the left. If I clear cache in Admin and view Public Store again, the category shows up in the MegaMenu. Only to disappear again randomly.


I have a category that is only visible to registered shoppers. When browsing (guest) to the store I do not see the category from the megamenu - perfect. After logging in, the category shows as expected - perfect. When I log out, the category continues to show -bug?- but there is no response clicking on the category. The category under ACL continues to show when I'm a guest on the store even after I close my browser and open it again... clear temp files...

It only seems to correct itself if I make some modification to the plugin (like turning it off and back on).