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one year ago


I am using the short description field to store the phone number for each of my locations, and I have modified the shop.cshtml to display the short description value just below the location title.

I want to link the number with a tel hyperlink so that mobile device users can click the number to bring up the dial pad....

<a href="tel:@Html.Raw(Model.ShortDescription)">@Html.Raw(Model.ShortDescription)</a>

..but when the values I have stored in the database are formatted like this:
(123) 456-7890
The user touches the number on his device and the parentheses, space, and hyphen are converted to "7", so the number is not correct to dial...

So I changed my stored values to have only digits, like: 1234567890
But it looks bad to visitors...

So I wrote this code on my Shop.cshtml to format the value for the visitor to better understand:

string thephone="";

<span style="position:relative;left:20px;top:5px;text-align:left;font-size:22px;font-weight:bold;color:green;">
<a href="tel:@string.Format("{0: (###) ###-####}",@thephone)">@Html.Raw(Model.ShortDescription)</a></span>

But I always get an error:
h:\root\home\myaccount\www\nopSite\Plugins\SevenSpikes.Nop.Plugins.StoreLocator\Views\StoreLocator\Shop.cshtml(41): error CS0029: Cannot implicitly convert type 'System.Web.IHtmlString' to 'string'

I tried other variations, but it's always the same error. I really am just guessing...

The solution does not have to be in C# MVC....I think maybe just a jQuery or Javascript can do it because I only want to affect the output to the screen..not form input..but I don't know.

Can somebody please help me?

2 years ago

joster wrote:

I suggested this on the nopCommerce forums about 15 months ago and it seemed like it would be added:

...but this past October, Andrei said they decided against it:

PLEASE consider adding this functionality to your Rich Blog plugin.

Thank you.

2 years ago


I suggested this on the nopCommerce forums about 15 months ago and it seemed like it would be added:

...but this past October, Andrei said they decided against it:

PLEASE consider adding this functionality to your Rich Blog plugin.

Thank you.

ZornitsaIvanova wrote:
Hello joster,
The right-column layout is by design.
If you insist on having it at left go at the theme settings in the administration and there you will found section named 'Custom Head Styles'. Paste the following there:

.blog-pages-body .side-2 {
    float: left;
.blog-pages-body .center-2 {
    float: right;

Hope that will help


I tried as you suggested, but nothing changes on my site.
I added the styles to my theme/customer head styles and no change...
I added the styles directly to the styles.css after the other blog styles and no change...

Finally, I tried adding them to the end of the /plugins/sevenspikes.nop.plugins.richblog/themes/uptown/richblog.css file...

This worked.

2 years ago

Nevermind...problem solved.

I gave the chat badge a class and added this class to my 980.css:

.header-selectors-wrapper .chatbadgedesktop {
  position: relative;

2 years ago

I figured out how to hide it behind the Gear putting the chat DIV inside the header-selectors-wrapper DIV.
However...this makes the chat image appear in the wrong position on desktops...
The chat image looks best on desktops when I put its DIV after the search-box store-search-box DIV.

Is my only option to leave it in the header-selectors-wrapper DIV and use absolute positioning in the 980.css to position the chat badge correctly?
Or is there another option?

2 years ago


We've recently purchased the Uptown theme and I'm using it to develop our new website (3.90).
On our site, we only have one currency and one language, so in mobile devices, the "gear" icon has no use. our header, we have a LIVE CHAT badge appearing. This is good for Desktops, but it takes up too much space on mobile devices.
So, we want to hide it "inside" the gear icon.

How would I do this?
Where do I need to put my chat badge DIV in order for it to be hidden behind the gear icon for mobile devices?

Also, would it be possible to insert links to other pages inside the same "gear icon" div?Please explain.

Thank you!


I've got the Uptown theme installed on our 3.90 development site and for some reason, the Rich Blog plugin has a right-column layout instead of the left-column layout shown on the rich blog demo page.

How would I go about changing this?


2 years ago

hristian.dimov wrote:
We have a customer who would like to add a video to the banner (Vimeo link) - Ability to add video would be great

Hi Sapphire,

you can achieve this result with the Html Widgets plugin, which allows you to place everything ( including video ) to a certain place(s) on your page(s).

Have you considered it?

I think this is a great suggestion!
We're also interested in this same functionality, and the HTML widget doesn't really cut it for our purposes because we want to display the video slides responsively within the main slider div.

I hear you...
I'm not really thinking of including any more than just the main body elements, header elements like logo and search box, master column wrapper and maybe the styles from the mega menu in my critical styles in the head.

I was thinking of maybe just using a  

  on the header-links-wrapper and main-slider in the head critical styles so they won't appear until the actual stylesheet in the footer is loaded.

Thanks for the information!