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6 months ago

ok, yes I can manually mark items as new when I create them.  Before on 3.6 it was automatic and just showed the most recently added products.  This will work, thank you.  

7 months ago

hello, i have just upgraded to 4.20.    
    After adding more products since the


upgrade, i still am not showing any new products under the "new Products" tab.
  I have verified the settings at /Admin/Setting/Catalog/Additional Settings of 'New products' page enabled (checked) and the number of new products set to 4.   I have also verified Admin/Setting/AllSettings sevenspikes.theme.traction.newproductsinfooternumber value=4

4 years ago

ok, great, thank you very much!

4 years ago

thank you very much! I just needed to then convert all my formatted text to html and drop it in as 1 line to the resource.  all set, thanks again.  

4 years ago

I am not using the one page checkout, thank you

4 years ago

can the conditions of use on the order confirm page be displayed on that page instead of linked to in a new window?
I have found the resource checkout.termsofservice.iaccept and tried to add my conditions of use right before the "I agree with the terms of service and I adhere to them unconditionally__" line so the customer would have to scroll down through the conditions of use before getting to the checkbox and confirm button but the field would not accept my paragraphs.    please let me know how I can achieve this.  if I can get the paragraphs before the checkbox/agree I will no longer need the "(read)" link to the conditions of use in a new window.  

4 years ago

is there a text box anywhere for a customer to add a note when placing their order?

Forum Link
4 years ago

am I missing a setting in admin for a forum link in either the header or footer?

5 years ago

thank you very much for all of your help!

5 years ago

PM sent