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6 months ago

Good Morning,

I've setted urbanthemesettings.lazyloadimages True but it seems that there's no way to use lazy-loading.

I've Urban Theme 4.1.
May you help me?

We have a similar issue With nop 3.6 and Urban Theme.
We are on a dedicated server and Application Pool Recycle time is 1740 minutes. No limits on memory.

Application started every 20 seconds.

How can we resolve the problem?

we have also opened a ticket with you about this.

3 years ago

We have the same issue!
We have nop 3.6 urban theme and We have just passed from an Sharing hosting To a dedicated server!
Unfortunately there is a Bad performance,  the application tool show a restart every 20 seconds (in log) !
Our provider said that there are some wrong configuration! 
Could you show to us  in which way you have solved this issue?

Best regards


4 years ago

Yes I replied by mail notification, sorry. Now I 've replied to the ticket itself.

I hope you can solve the issue.

Thanks in advance


4 years ago

I've send to you my user & password (as you asked to me) , but i've received only the automatic response.