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6 years ago

OK. I managed to find the file social-sprite.png that includes a few social icons.

I have, however, modified it to also include the Instagram icon, thinking that the icon would show up automatically like the others. Is it normal that I also had to save a .pgn file for the Instagram icon separately to ensure that it shows?

Thanks again!

6 years ago

Hello again,

The change has worked. Am now wondering how I can change the image for the Facebook and Twitter icons. Not sure where these images are located.

Another question as well: is there a way to add these icons also at the top of the page to draw better attention of these other locations for the business.

Thanks for your feedback! Great working with you!

6 years ago

Thank you, I will!

6 years ago

Hello Nop-Templates Team,

In the Admin Menu, I have added my "follow us on Instagram URL" to have the Icon displayed at the bottom of the page but there is nothing showing up. I have tried adding some code as suggested in the NopCommerce Forum as shown below but it still does not display anything. I see that the png Instagram.png file is already in the img folder under the NopArtfactory theme. Not sure if I need to also copy it under the core theme.

I have also tried to remove the following from my settings to see if this would change anything, but it did not: {
  display: none;

Thanks for your help as usual!


( {
  display: none;

.instagram  {
  display: block;
  width: 38px;
  height: 38px;
  background: url('../images/instagram.png') no-repeat;
  font-size: 0;
)  [b][/b]

Thank you very much!

Hi, I may not have been clear. Once you are on the vendor list page and you click on a particular vendor, you get to the page of that vendor where all the products for that vendor are displayed. This is where I am trying to change that display and could not find where.

Manon :)

Thank you, I have done that. But, where do I do it for the Vendor page?  I have not found it anywhere.

Thanks for your feedback!

Thank you for your feedback! Problem resolved! Manon :)

Hello Nop-Templates,

I need help to understand how the setting is set for the grid view of products per page in the Nop ArtFactory template. I am using Nop 3.80.

When I go to a specific category on my website, I have the option to see a number of products per page. Because, the template has 3 columns, the options should use a multiple of 3, not 4 as set. If you select 8 products per page and you have 9 products total, you end up with 2 full rows and one with 2 products, forcing the last product on the second page. That's not right. Where can we fix this other than having to do code changing on our side?


7 years ago

Hello Nop-Templates!

For my website, I have created my own Icons for the shopping cart, profile and wishlist and am wondering if there is a way to avoid having to copy and paste these to the \Themes\ArtFactory\Content\img folder when I update the NopCommerce version. I am using NopCommerce version 3.8 without source code.

In the configuration, settings, and Media Settings, I have all my pictures saved into the database but these images are not.

Please assist. Thanks!