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2 years ago

Yes, sorry I forgot.

My site is

2 years ago

Hi, your demo page works fine now in My Samsung Internet browser, both and where broken earlier today but are fine now, what did you change?

2 years ago

When I remove the carousel from my website the problem is fixed, here is a screenshot from It´s Samsung Internet browser, Galaxy S7 edge. You can see how the header has stretched to the right.

2 years ago

Hi there, there is something wrong with how the carousel works in mobile Android browser and Samsung Internet browser (based on the Android browser)

You can reproduce by viewing the demo page using either Android browser or Samsung Internet browser (site width get´s stretched out)

This works fine in iPhone and mobile Chrome, but Android browser is very popular and I need this fixed.

Thank you so much for your help, the problem has been solved, the problem was with a missing } - I thought I had reviewed all my css files but found the error after double checking now.

Thanks for the reply, I have "fixed" the problem for now by changing the AddCssFilePart code from:
Html.AddCssFileParts("~/Plugins/SevenSpikes.Nop.Plugins.PluginName/Themes/" + Model.Theme + "/Content/PluginStyles.css");


<link rel="stylesheet" href="~/Plugins/SevenSpikes.Nop.Plugins.PluginName/Themes/MyTheme/Content/PluginStyles.css" />

I need to do some digging in my code to find out what went wrong, I am running two NOP 3.7 websites,both running a modified version af the Alfresco theme, One works fine but the other one has this problem of not adding the plugin css files when bundling, do you have any idea why it would be working on one but not the other, is there a script I should look into to find out where the difference is?

Hi there, I am upgrading my theme, which is based on Nop Alfresco, from 3.7 to 3.9

On my test page, if I enable "CSS bundling and minification" everything works well except for the two plugins I am using (JCarousel and Ajax Filters) no css is loaded for those, it´s like Nopcommerce doesn´t add the css to the bundle and just skips it.

Any idea why this could be happening? if I uncheck the "CSS bundling and minification" all css is loaded.

2 years ago

Thank you Nikola, I will add the settings and change the responsive settings, this is very much appreciated.

2 years ago

I fixed the thumbnail size in the carousel (just a css issue) but I can´t help to think that my code for the number of products shown in the cqarousel should be better, It´s now like this:


2 years ago

I have managed to make the slides to show only 3 thumbnails by changing the setting: cloudzoomsettings.defaultresponsivebreakpointsforthumbnailscarousel to [{"breakpoint":1920,"settings":{"slidesToShow":3,"slidesToScroll":3,"arrows":true,"dots":false}},{"breakpoint":600,"settings":{"slidesToShow":3,"slidesToScroll":3,"arrows":true,"dots":false}},{"breakpoint":400,"settings":{"slidesToShow":3,"slidesToScroll":3,"arrows":true,"dots":false}}]
This works but I wonder if it could not be done better?

Anyhow, for some reason my thumbnails appear to small in my carousel, if there are only 2 pictures the thumbnails show fine (70px width and height) but if there are more pictures the thumbnails in the carousel are only 30px and there seems to be a script that sets that size and I can´t figure out where to change it, any help with this?