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5 years ago

Nothing? It´s supposed to work like that: I would change the zoom level in  \Plugins\SevenSpikes.Nop.Plugins.StoreLocator\Scripts\StoreLocatorAllShops.min.js from 15 to a lover level to zoom out, higher level to zoom in.

Is it a bug in my plugin (got the latest version from the mega plugin pack) or is there something wrong on my end?

5 years ago

I tried changing that setting but nothing changed, I also tried restarting my site after chnging the value from 15 to 12 but nothing changed

Any ideas why it´s not responding to the setting, I have 6 shops marked on my map if that matters

5 years ago

Is it not possible to edit the zoom level of the map on the AllShop page?
How would I do that, I tried changing the zoom level set in the javascript file (StoreLocatorAllShops.min) but that didn´t change anything.