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10 days ago

Hi there
I was wondering why the Avenue demo page has a button to remove items from cart but on my 4.3 cart page on my website there is the classic two step of checking and clicking Update?

I managed to make it work by changing the NopFilters.cshtml view file to include:

 @await Component.InvokeAsync("CategoryNavigation", new { currentCategoryId = currentCategoryId, currentProductId = currentProductId })

More code was added to make it work but I am just leaving this here as an answer if anyone else is thinking about doing something similar.

11 days ago

Is there no way to make the product tags appear in a tab?

I am not using the Reviews tab so I could change that code to make the tags appear in that tab.

17 days ago

Hi, there.
Is there anyway for me to add a tab containing the Product tags for the product?

I am using 4.3 Nop Avenue theme

3 months ago

The screenshot I posted is still there, but not working here.

Direct link is

3 months ago

No comment? Maybe I should post this under the Ajax Filters forums, but I am using the Avenue theme for this website just slightly modified.

3 months ago

I am working on a website with very few categories and we would like to show the available subcategories on top of the filters. This is easy to do on desktop as you can see in the screenshot below, but this only works on desktop not in mobile.

Can I somehow add the categories above the filters in the mobile version, in the div element with classes

nopAjaxFilters7Spikes filterBox responsive-nav-content

Where is the view for this box below that renders below the footer?

I think I have found a way to fix this for me, I´ll just add the plugin view files to the Theme B plugin theme folder and remove the code that executes the plugin functionality.

This way the plugins are active but not doing anything for Theme B.

Hi there, let´s say I would like my customers to be able to select a theme. Is it possible to have a plugin only active for one theme?

For exampe Theme A would be using Nop Quick View and Nop Quick Tabs plugins but Theme B would not be using them.

Can this be done, if it´s not available out of the box could I at least make some changes to Theme B like removing some Widget Zones or something like that?

4 months ago

Yes, that was the problem, my bad.

Thank you Boyko!