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11 years ago

Cool, well i'm glad i could help in that way, it would be great to see it in a template upgrade :)

thanks for all your help.

11 years ago

Oh crikey.

I'm not sure, what i thought might happen is when you create it and make it appear under every product I thought a new box would appear in the product details like where the Full Description is with the name of the new tab so you could put the information in it.

If there is no other way then I'll just have to create one for every product that needs a different buyers guide - can you call them all Buyer's Guide though or will they need to have different names?

Not ideal but if there's no other way, then that's it :)

11 years ago


Thanks for coming back to me.

I did look at the online documentation first before emailing you.

if you add the content to the tab when you make it then that content will be the same for all products which isn't ideal.

How do you make it have different content for different products? i.e different products will have different buyers guides.


11 years ago

Hi There,

I have a couple of questions regarding Quick Tabs.

At the moment we have two showing on each product page - Overview (which I have renamed Specification) and Review.

It seems that when I am in a product in the Admin section of NopCommerce if I put content into the Full Description section this then appear on the Front End under Specification which is what we want so that fine - is this the way to do it though?

Also, I have just created a new Tab called Buyer's Guide. Have attached it to every product so that it appears and it does however, where do i put the content in so the content appear in the tab? where does this go?

many thanks

11 years ago

Perfect! that's it exactly, thanks so much

11 years ago

Hi Ivan,

I don't want to remove it, i want to keep it but call it Specification instead. I don't want to use another tab for specification as our are listed more like bullet points rather than in boxes tied to specific things.

11 years ago

Hi Ivan, thank you for coming back to me. I have now done this and can see them - yay!

Another question for you though.

I want to have the description of the product up in the "Short Description" box, no long description, but then on the Quick Tabs I want to change Overview to be called Specification.

How do i do this?

It seems we still have the trial version so maybe this is only something you can do when it is on the full version?

many thanks

11 years ago

Hi there, we have installed the plug in for Quick Tabs and have gone through the integration but they are not showing on the site. is this because we've got the trial version? So it shows you it in the administration side but not on the site unless you buy the full version?

I'm not sure if that can be right because it's not really trying it if it doesn't show on the site because you don't get to see what you're doing. At the moment we have it on the automatic. it will need to be manual but for now we just have it on this so we can see it on the products.

please help


11 years ago

Thanks so much everyone. This is great. Have a lovely day

11 years ago

Also, another point, if you have to tick "Show in Home Page" for it to appear in the header, how do you then combat the fact you don't want the categories in boxes on the homepage further down? Again they are not like this in the Demo version you show.