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2 months ago

I was using Product Ribbons for Nop V4.00, and noticed that you don't have a condition to apply product ribbons based on discounts. Many years ago, I implemented similar functionality in a nop 1.90 site, but my system only applied images based on a product being affected by either of a Product-centric discount or a category-centric discount (other types of discount would not affect the behaviour). Similarly Categories could be affected only by category-centric discounts.

This allowed my overlays to be configured in my addon, with their visibility controlled via standard Nop functionality. I think that this would be a good addition to your Product Ribbons plugin.

one year ago


My client requires that his customers can select whether prices are shown inclusive of tax or exclusive of tax. In Traction, the Price filter range does not update when you change the tax display option. I presume this is the plugin, not the theme, but it's a fault nevertheless.

Is there a fix or workaround for this?




I'm starting a web build based on Traction. When a user selects a Manufacturer and sees the list of products, the categories are listed down the left hand side and appear to be filters, but when a category is selected, the current manufacturer is lost.

Does anybody know of a good way to make the selected manufacturer sticky when browsing the stock via this route?

This question appears to have asked the same question 3 years ago:

Obviously this may be standard now, or easy to produce.

My only thought on this is to add a manufacturer parameter onto each category link via the View, but I'm hoping for a simpler approach.



4 years ago

I found a smidgen of a problem in /Plugins/....AnywhereSliders/Themes/Traction/Content/nivo/nivo.css.

    .a.nivo-prevNav, a.nivo-nextNav {
        display: none;

The lines quoted above are 31 to 33 of my copy - the initial "a" is an anchor element, not an "a" class, and so it should not have a dot.

The effect of this is that the unstyled "Prev" button is visible in mobile responsive view, when it shouldn't be.

Kind Regards,

Mark Rabjohn
Integrated Arts Ltd


I don't need "Buy" buttons, instead I need "Enquire" buttons. I've already changed _ProductBox and added a popup Ajax Form.

I've now noticed that the New Products don't use the same Partial View, nor can I see any views in the Traction Plugin folder. I'd like to work out which cshtml file is used, but I can't follow the thread because it's delivered as a Widget. Presumably the content is delivered by ThemeTractionWidget on the TractionThemeController, but is it hard coded, or template-able?

I'm not averse to popping another action in here to do the same thing, but it would be nice if this element is served up from templates that I can edit.

Any help is appreciated.


Mark Rabjohn
Integrated Arts Ltd