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6 months ago

Valentin wrote:

Hi jslater,

we fixed this bug and released an update. If you download the latest 4.0 package and update your theme you will not have this issue anymore.

You can also check on our demo again, we uploaded the change there too.

Hi Valentin,
Can we know the exact cshtml / js / dll that was changed to fix this issue, If I do a windiff for my website files I will get a lot of differences from the downloaded template files. We are on Nopcommerce 4.2. Thanks

9 months ago

Valentin wrote:
Hello insity,

we found the issue and released an update of all of the affected themes. If you download the latest theme package and replace the following file in your installation folder with the one from your newly downloaded package you will not be having this issue anymore.

~ \Presentation\Nop.Web\Themes\Emporium\Views\Product\_ShareButton.cshtml

The other affected themes with the same problem which we fixed, are:


Hope this was helpful.
Have a nice day!

It works now perfectly, thanks a lot for the quick help.

9 months ago

Valentin wrote:
Any reason why the product pages are not getting minified for nopcommerce version 4.2. Checked your demo site also the product pages are not minified.

Hi insity,

what you are referring to is not expected behavior. One of our demos is not minified on purpose at the moment, because we are testing something. As you can see from our other demo, the CSS and JS minification is working without any problem - Emporium Supermarket Demo

If you have any issues with your minification and bundling, you better submit a ticket an include a working link to your store and admin credentials so we can investigate what the problem might be.

Do not post your credentials here because other users will be able to see them too.

Hi Valentin,
My mistake I should have stated that I was referring to HTML minification, which is a feature in Nop 4.2. Please check Nop demo site the HTML of product pages are minified but in my site, as well as the link that you have provided in your reply the HTML is not minified even though the HTML minify checkbox is checked.

Please do let me know if this issue is specific to my website, I will submit a ticket with admin credentials.


9 months ago

Any reason why the product pages are not getting minified for nopcommerce version 4.2. Checked your demo site also the product pages are not minified.

Is it possible to stop sending 'Unpaid Orders Reminders' email if the payment is Cash on Delivery (Payment Method) bcos we mark the order as paid only after the payment is received at the time of delivery which will be 7-10 days beyond order date.

Currently the plugin is sending emails and the customer is replying that the order is COD hence its unpaid.

4 years ago

One more help required.

My Environment is - Nopcommerce 3.5, Motion Theme, Nop One Page Checkout ver 3.5.1059.18629

I have a discount setup for a particular product (only for a particular product). When I am entering the discount code the 'Order Total' is getting refreshed and the discount is applied. I also wanted the 'Order Summary' to get refreshed so that the customers knows that a discount is applied to the product. Can this be done with some minor changes to the script, please do let me know.

4 years ago

Thanks a lot Stefan, the changes suggested by you worked perfectly.

4 years ago

I need a small help regarding the layout of Nop One Page Checkout on Mobile Screen. 

My Environment is - Nopcommerce 3.5, Motion Theme, Nop One Page Checkout ver 3.5.1059.18629

Disable Shopping Cart in Nop One Page Checkout Settings is Checked.

When customer adds products to the cart and goes to the cart page he is automatically directed to Nop One Page Checkout which is as per the settings. In the mobile version ideally he would like to see the product he has added at the top of the page because as per customer he is coming to the cart page & want to review the products he has added, but currently he finds a set of Collapsed panes starting with 'Billing Address', 'Shipping Address' etc etc. Of Course he can go to 'Order Summary' and expand it, but it's a question of usability on the mobile browser. I wanted to bring the 'Order Summary' section to the top and by default keep it open. Please help if this can be done. Bringing the 'Order Summary' to the top I think I can do it by moving the <div> in the RealOnePageCheckout.cshtml view page, but how to make only 'Order Summary' expanded by default.

The desktop browser layout is OK for me.

Hope was able to explain the requirement, In case of queries please do let me know.

4 years ago

A couple of my users have reported the below issue, Please check if anything can be done about the same.

My onepagecheckout version is 3.5.992.16834

When a user is in the checkout page he has the ability to change the quantity of the products in the cart by changing the quantity using the spinner or by directly entering the quantity in the text box but both of these does not change the amount. The amount only changes when the user clicks somewhere outside (I think the event is focus lost when the ajax is fired).

This is confusing the customer because a non-techie / naive user does not know that he has to click somewhere outside to get the amount recalculated and assumes that the unchanged amount is the final amount
some users when they realise that the amount has not changed try to press the enter key which submits the form when they only wanted to recalculate the amounts. In case of logged in users pressing enter takes them to payment (in my case) since the address etc is picked from their last order's address.

Hope I was able to articulate the issue, If not please do let me know I will send in more details.

5 years ago

Thanks for your response.

For point number 2 - My mistake, I had done some changes to ShippingByWeight module to return back a fixed value even before shipping postal code is entered (This was done because I ship to only one country and the rate are the same immaterial of the postal code only depends on the weight). This is the reason I was able to create the Order with a blank Shipping Method but the order was having Shipping rate calculated.

For point number 1 - I removed the VAT field as its not required for my website, so that 'Empty' Message is also gone.

For point number 3 & 4 - Will wait for your revert.

Guys, excellent plugins. I love all of your plugins, this one-page checkout is really very useful.