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Hi guys ,
it's been a month since I asked for help in this forum, and I have always the same problem, how is it possible? My hosting has no problems, he says he can not do much. It may be possible that it is a problem of the theme? Why another client of mine, and it has nopCommerce 3.10 with standard theme and its speed is very good. While the site with nopC 3.20 and the theme Jewerly charge after 37 seconds, while done with nopC 3.10 is charged after 17 seconds. is a big problem for me .. some help?

In this example, the link with my three sites:
1) my client with nopC 3.20
2-3) my client with nopC 3.10
4) your client with 3.20
5) your theme Jewerly

Image : slow.jpg

Is really important for me to solve this problem.


4 years ago

hristian.dimov wrote:

HI Fabio,

If your web site is slow this is usually because of the hosting you are using. Are you using a shared hosting?



Thanks for your answer for my problem, My hosting is Aspnix. I've heard Aspnix, he told me that he sees everything correctly and also fast.
Supports Aspnix Net Framework 4.5.


4 years ago

Hi Guys,
I would like to refer you to this page, I need help

: (

4 years ago

Hi guys,
I am new in this world of nopCommerce, I have installed nopCommerce 3.20 and bought Theme Jewerly. I have inserted into my project some articles (10), with images size 300px and weight 40KB, but the my site is very slow during the navigation,

This is my site of prove:

Why this problem? Are there solutions?
Thanks so much