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16 days ago wrote:
In my Source code I am seeing
(see full file path in previous post. I don't think those placeholders should get as far as the Source Code.


Could you please submit provide a link to your store so that we can inspect it? If you don't want to post it here, just submit a ticket where the conversation will be private.

P.S. Please specify the nopCommerce version as well.

19 days ago wrote:
I am getting an error on our development server  -

Loading failed for the <script> with source “”.

It looks like the placeholders aren't getting replaced. Any ideas?  Version 3.9 of NOP


I'm not sure about what placeholders aren't replaced? Can you elaborate more? Also, please include a link to your website so that we can inspect it.

Looking forward to your reply!

25 days ago

IvanSlater wrote:
any new on it?


As far as I remember we decided to not implement this as there were some performance problems with it.

Hope this helps!

one month ago

concedis wrote:
Hello nop-templates community,
how is it possibile that the warehouse work for every single product also by grouped products like sample packages or hampers?

We want that the amount of the single bottels in a package adapt too, if someone buys a sample package. Not only if someone buys a single bottle.
Is this possibile to adjust?

Kind Regards,

Hi Gerlinde,

As I mentioned in the ticket that you wrote to us, it will the best to ask in the nopCommerce forums as I'm sure that there will be someone who already did something similar.

Hope this helps!

one month ago

bharatk wrote:

I want to change in store procedure "ProductLoadAllPagedNopAjaxFilters" but this is Encrypted format, i just want to one more order by.

Please suggest me how i change in procedure i have you paid version.

Thanks & Regards

Hi Bharat,

The stored procedure is encrypted and it is not available for change. However, for cases like yours, where you need to add new sort options, we have added an SQL function that is used by the stored procedure which you can edit. You will find it in SQL Managment Studio -> Your DB -> Programmability -> Functions -> Scalar-valued Functions -> seven_spikes_ajax_filters_product_sorting

Hope this helps!

one month ago

ecommercefactory wrote:
I have bought pavilion and ultimate collection for nop 3.8.

My support has run out but I can download the 3.9 version but not the 4.0 versions of themes. I can also download the 4.0 version of one page checkout.

Will I be able to download the themes for nop 4.0 that I have paid for 3.80



Hi Peter,

For any license questions, please contact our sales team - sales[at] / or via our contact form here on the site.

Hope this helps!

2 months ago

OTH wrote:
Hi I was wondering if it's possible to add a "Custom List" under Category Product Collections?

This is possible for Custom Product Collections, but it would be very convenient if it would also work for Category Product Collections so admins can choose which product to display on the home page under different categories.

Your input would be very much appreciated.


currently, it is not available out of the box. Please suggest your idea in our User Voice portal so that people can vote for it.

Hope this helps!

2 months ago

renatolg wrote:
I can not include an article in the knowledge base. When I click on manage articles, the system directs me to the product's article page (see attached image)


the plugin from the screenshot is not Knowledgebase plugin thus we cannot advise. Please contact the vendor of the plugin for more information.

Hope this helps!

2 months ago

thakkaralok wrote:

We have purchased customer reminder plug in (We are on NopCommerce 3.60). We are finding it big difficult to use the plugin. Following is one of the example where the mail is not send out as expected. It would be great if some one can help us with right set of configuration.

We want to send out reminder email if user has register with the site but not activated the account more then one day and no later then 2 days.

Thanks in advance for your help.


Hi Alok,

We have a few examples of how to setup the plugin in our documentation. Have you checked it? -

Bubbi wrote:
I did not find it anywhere so just to ask is it possible. For example, like you you have field with CategoryIds it should be also nice to have ProductAttributedIds and ProductSpecificationIds to exclude then from showing in filters.


Unfortunately, it is not possible out of the box with the current version of the plugin. Please suggest your idea in our UserVoice portal and if people vote for it, we will implement it.

Hope this helps!