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11 years ago

hi there, i have installed seo and have been using it, as is without any modifications, however i cannot see any seo in the boxes at all and was wandering if i am not doing something ? i am presuming that it happens automatically ?



align filters
11 years ago

hi there, i need to align the filters horizontally rather than vertically, could you let me know how i can do this as its got me a bit stumped ?

thanks in advance.

11 years ago

hi and thanks for your reply, its really helped and the dropdown is now working, unfortunately i still cannot get it in the menu next to the home button, i have altered the css for height, width, color, margin, border etc but it just does not seem want to go where i want ?

hope you can help me again.


11 years ago

hi there i activated it as it should have been, i even called it manually, unfortunately the only menu i get is beneath the header menu, it does have my categories but as i mentioned before i need the drop down box, i think the template i am using is based on the nopclassic theme if that makes any difference, unfortunately i am running it local so cant give you a link unless i can forward a port but not sure if that would work using webmatrix, let me know if it is and i will try and do it ?


11 years ago

hi there, i have installed the nop categories plugin, but so far cannot get the dropdown box to work and not sure why, instead of dropdown all i can get is the categories across the bottom beneath the header menu whereas i need the dropdown to come from the headermenu in a new categorie that i have created.

thanks for any help you can give me.

i would gratefull if you could send me the code and instructions as well, i am also trying to acheive this and its not going to well at the momment.


11 years ago

hi there, i have added a button to the header menu (categories) and am trying to get a drop down box with links to all my categories, this is the code i have added so far in

@Html.Action("WidgetsByZone", "Widget", new { widgetZone = "header_menu_before" })
    <li><a href="@Url.RouteUrl("HomePage")">@T("HomePage")</a></li>
    <li><a href="@Url.RouteUrl("Category")">@T("Categories")</a></li>

this gives me my button but am not sure how to proceed from here or if i have got the right code or the right place for that matter ?

thanks for any help you can give.

11 years ago

lol thanks support, i just managed to do it and then read your post :)

11 years ago

this worked for me, it might work for you.

navigate to


and create a folder with exactly the same name as the modified theme you are using
copy the contents of the darkorange theme in the same directory and paste it into your newly created folder.

navigate to

nopCommerce_2.60_NoSource\Themes and then double check you have used the correct theme name for you newly craeted folder.

then uninstall the sliders plugin (do not delete the plugins folders, leave where they are) and then reinstall the plugin.

this worked for me and hopefully it will for you, the sliders plugin does not detect that you are using a differant theme it does creates folders in its own directory for the default themes.

hope this helps.

11 years ago

hi i am having exactly the same problem, i created a new folder with the same name as my theme and copied the dark orange contents from the plugin / themes folder into my newly created them folder within the plugin folder, it was an attempt at fixing the problem but it didnt work lol, i will have another go and see if anything else works.