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7 years ago


I have a problem about add all product category to mega menu, I try to limit product sub-categories with 2 for good PC browse view, but number 2 of sub-categories also limit mobile sidebar view in only 2 categories can see, it was unreasonable.

7 years ago

Good job, can I download trial again? If new access control is what we want, we will take a order for it.

7 years ago

Our attachment need access control, do you have a plan to add control for attachment plugin?

thanks for ur help.

at last, I reimport my localize strings from XML. and it work fine. ^.^

finally i found the problem where is..

the SevenSpikes.NopAjaxFilters.Client.Common.ClearAll have two record in table LocaleStringResource.

when I unplugin preview SevenSpikes.Nop.AjaxFilters. and it seems not to uninstall all of these localize strings.

when i replugin SevenSpikes.Nop.AjaxFilters again. it seems to add localize strings again.

in table will find these strings are double.


follow ur suggestion, i kenw to modify those two file will be localize. and it really wrok.

so I change SevenSpikes.NopAjaxFilters.Client.PriceRangeFilter.Title to SevenSpikes.NopAjaxFilters.Client.PriceRangeFilter.TW.Title and It worked too. I so confuse about these.

and SevenSpikes.NopAjaxFilters.Client.Common.TW.ClearAll worked too.. XD

photo1 show the problems what i say.

i am sure that localize string no change as photo2, and also I restart web site again and again, but the same problem still there.


it still the same problem, i try to unplugin and replugin on my test site,  also happen this problem.


only these two are not work, and the other work fine. and these problem happen when i upgrade.


today I update theme again, when it done, i found my PriceRangeFilterSlider7Spikes can not localize. it's Title always be "PRICE RANGE", and also be happen to "Clear All".


how to fix them?

by the way, SevenSpikes.NopAjaxFilters.Client.Common.Clear is working fine..

10 years ago

thanks for reply. I follow your suggestion to read the guide, and delete all folders of plugins, and recopy them. and it work fine.

thanks a lot.