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10 years ago

First I would like to say thank you for updating the Electronics Theme and adding the Mega Menu and Forum options to the Header Menu.

However after the update of the Electronics Theme(Electronics Theme version download 06/10/2012 Version 2.6.5),I have now double Category Descriptions in all Categories.
Can you please provide a solution for this issue and short comment how this fix has to be installed.

A quick solution would be appreciated.

Thank you,


10 years ago

First I would like to say that you did a great job with the Electronics Theme and appreciate your effort you put in your themes and tools.

I would be also interested to purchase this mdoule if it is integrated in the electronics theme header menu and not come up as an additional menu. As well I would need the option to select Blog and Forums for the Nop Mega Menu. Is it is possible to add the option Forums?

Thanks a lot,