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10 years ago

i don't think it should be that difficult to show the amount of products that have a certain specification attribute option; maybe enabled by option in plugin settings.
For example: if I have 10 products which have color specification attribute. 5 of them have the option green, 3 have option red and 2 have option brown it should show:
- green (5)
- red (3)
- brown (2)

10 years ago

Will the mega menu be integrated in the Electronics theme?

10 years ago

the login page looks ok in chrome, but not in IE.

10 years ago

portrait images in product grid are enlarged outside picture div, so only the top of the image is visible:

.product-grid .item .picture img, .featured-product-grid .item .picture img
  width: 150px;

10 years ago

I think styles.css contains style elements for topmenu, but it should be top-menu.
At least, then the menu renders correct if you disable the CategoryMenu.

10 years ago

In this file (_ColumnsTwo.cshtml) the javascript below is marked as comment, altough it should not. In the live demo it is not! Same for _ColumnsThree. That's why I got the uglier layout, as can be read in the comment of the javascript.

<script type="text/javascript">

    $(window).load(function () {

        var contentPanelSelector = ".master-wrapper-center-2";
        var contentPanelHeight = $(contentPanelSelector).height();
        var sidePanelSelector = ".master-wrapper-side-2";
        var sidePanelHeight = $(sidePanelSelector).height();

        if (contentPanelHeight < sidePanelHeight) {

            $(contentPanelSelector).css("min-height", sidePanelHeight);

        // If we are in the product details page set a different background for the content panel,
        // as the default background does not look good, when the product pictures have a white background.
        var productDetailsPage = $(".product-details-page");
        if (productDetailsPage.length > 0) {