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I need to get list of all shops to the anywhere map which is in home page. So visitor can search and view all shops from home page without going to the AllShops page.
Is there any way to set AllShops page as home page.

Thank you.

2 months ago

What is the solution for this? I'm having this issue

5 months ago

Hello Todor,

Thank you for your reply. I tried that solution. After that I allowed Location access for all time. Same error showing me for that too.
When check your demo version I'm getting the same error.


5 months ago

Getting an error when click Use My Current Location.

User Geolocation denied. You should enable it from browser permissions settings. Setting the marker to default position...

Site using SSL and i have enabled following APIs,
Directions API
Geocoding API
Geolocation API
Maps JavaScript API
Places API

Thank you for solve my problem.

Thank you for your reply. If i add All Categories , it comes under additional product category. Can you suggest a way to remove that additional product category. (See image below)

Front View

Admin View

Note: We have more than 300 categories. So it's not possible to check manually Specific categories.

Default View. Before enabled the Nop Mega Menu

Nop Mega Menu View. After enabled the Nop Mega Menu. I need to change Nop Mega Menu view to default view

I have configured Nop Mega Menu to Emporium theme. After Nop Mega Menu enabled, then menu layout change to a different view (Category menu items display in horizontal view) .
How to apply default layout (Categories menu items shows in vertically) as shown on Emporium demo page


11 months ago

Deni wrote:

In the AnywhereMap the shops list is hidden via CSS.
If you open the view AnywhereMap.cshtml you will find this row:
<ul class="shops-list" style="display: none;">

Just remove the style attribute and you will see the shops list.
I hope this helped !

I cannot find this line. Can you help me to add shop list to AnywhereMap

one year ago

Hi, I'm getting an error when search a location in Home page map.

InvalidValueError: setCenter: not a LatLng or LatLngLiteral with finite coordinates: in property lat: NaN is not an accepted value