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Yes, I have the old price set.  The product displays a sale ribbon in the upper left hand corner, but does not appear on the On Sale tab.

I am running a sale on a product using a single tier price and date range.  I want the price to go back to the original price after the sale. However the product is not appearing on the "On Sale" tab for the "Dinning Room & Kitchen" category, but the product shows as on sale on the "New Offers" tab.  Why is the "On Sale" sort not picking up the product in its search criteria?

3 years ago

Update the product and add a new tier price with a quantity of 1, set the price to the sale price and add an end date.  The start date is optional.  Also set the Old Price.

I'm using the Sale Of the Day version plugin with the Nop Emporium Responsive Theme. I set the Default State to "Fail" and added a Condition Group to only show products from the list where the "Price Difference Amount" is "Greater Than Or Equal To" value "0.01".  

This condition will not show the Sale Of the Day panel on the homepage.  This same condition works to show a "Sale" image ribbon on the product, but does not work in the Sale Of The Day plugin.  If I change the Default State to "Pass" the Sale Of the Day panel is shown on the homepage with the products from the list, but I want the panel to show only products that match the condition.  

My testing indicates that the Condition Group is being ignored in the Sale Of The Day plugin.  Is anyone else having this same issue?


I want the list to pull "Recently Added Products" without have to update the plugin manually each time a new product is added and I don't want the food stand items appearing in the list when a new food item is added.  The plugin needs to remain automated to limit changes.  I am working on an ecommerce site for a store with less than 5 employees and they don't have time to make changes to every plugin for manual changes.  Having a bit more control of the data source to allow custom data that the default options don't provide would be ideal.  

I submitted a ticket for a change.  So hopefully my request will be taken seriously.

I have a store situation I am trying to configure using the Emporium theme.  The store sells Amish made furniture and home goods, but also has a food stand and sells Ice cream, hot dogs, hot sausages, drinks and other miscellaneous food items.  I decided to create a category for the food stand products named "Food Stand" and assigned the category to the food stand products.

The food stand products are now showing up in the "New Offers" JCarousel display as "Recently Added Products", but I don't want the food stand items to appear in the "New Offers" JCarousel.  Is there away to exclude a product category when selecting "Recently Added Products" as the data source?