Sale Of The Day Conditions not working in Nop Emporium Responsive Theme

3 years ago
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I'm using the Sale Of the Day version plugin with the Nop Emporium Responsive Theme. I set the Default State to "Fail" and added a Condition Group to only show products from the list where the "Price Difference Amount" is "Greater Than Or Equal To" value "0.01".  

This condition will not show the Sale Of the Day panel on the homepage.  This same condition works to show a "Sale" image ribbon on the product, but does not work in the Sale Of The Day plugin.  If I change the Default State to "Pass" the Sale Of the Day panel is shown on the homepage with the products from the list, but I want the panel to show only products that match the condition.  

My testing indicates that the Condition Group is being ignored in the Sale Of The Day plugin.  Is anyone else having this same issue?
one year ago
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Yes, I'm having the same issue. Looks like conditions are broken. If I add products manually from the products tab, the plugin works fine.
Any update on this issue?

Thanks: Gergő