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Hi to add to above. I mean to add options for mobile version banner settings .

Dear Team , I would like to recommend a Banner update for Home Banner Slider. Can you add two variation of image size , one optimized for desktop and another for mobile layouts. Currently the banner image dimension are horizontal and the any banner text becomes small to read. Request a vertical banner layout which can be set to 50% , 75% , 100% on screen height. This will help us in marketing content and more flexibility . Please advise whether this can be rolled out , or if requested be done via custom work.

Hi Nikola Dragiev,

Thank you for the comment and information. With trial and error I found solution. The upload should be in Jpg file. Ealier I was using PNG and for some reason the file size kept increasing. With Jpg file and image file size came down.

Hi ,

I am facing high website load and slow performance due to poor image resizing and compression done by theme.   Instance : Main Slider Image I is 600kb but on theme the size increase to 1.5 Mb . Similar cases to other banner and marketing images aswell. Request team to correct the above issue for Web performance .

4 years ago


  I am using NOP Template Venture theme. I would like to report 2 issues
. 1. How to rename menu item "Manufacturer" to "Brands" . 2) In blog section I try to add new category but nothing happening. Not adding new category.