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Hello can you help me to create a new template for new costumer message

i want to make one like this

waiting for your response

Thank you

IP back end
3 years ago

Hello guys i just added my ip to login only with my ip on back end but the problem is i can log in inside the administration panel but i can do nothing because show me this message

You do not have permission to perform the selected operation.
Access denied.

Can you help me please

Thank YOu

3 years ago

Hello guys i want to show another category on home page

i made this

i go to catalog - categories -- edit one category and then i click on check box Show on home page  

but again on home page is not show me the category

please can you help me

I fixed the problem is on megamenu

Thank You

3 years ago

Yes perfect it works as i want.

Now i have this problem i delete the existing category and i create my new one but these new one is not showing on home page , also when i create the category i click on check box to show on home page

Hello i add a new category on website and i delete the exist category,

the problem is that now when i go to home page in all category in the left there are not the new category that i added also i make the check box show in home page and include top menu

thank you

3 years ago

the problem is that i cant add Albanian Lek as a primary currencies and what is the exact code for showing sign of Albanian Lek afer the number

like This for example 190 ALL or 190 Lek

now the currencies is display like this only number 190

3 years ago

Hello guys i want to change the currency on website,

i add new currencies that is Albanian Lek but the sign lek is now show me also the number are not the same as they need to be.

3 years ago

Hello again its my first experience with noptemplate and nopcommerce this is why i ask so many question.

I have create a page call FAQs but now i want to make some accordion as i make on wordpress or joomla and other open source. Can you please help me doing this

also i have search if other template that is using noptempale has and i found one

please can you help me

Thank You

3 years ago

Thank for help me guys