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11 months ago

On the demo page the mega menu at the top is central to the screen.

However, when running the this on 4.6.2 the menu is left aligned?

How can I change this to have the mega menu central on the screen in desktop view?

Ok, sorry for my ignorance, I read the documentation and it makes it clearer.

so I created my 'Product Type' Specification Attribute and added in the numerous categories to this.

I applied this to a couple of products so I can demo its use.

However, the AJAX filter is currently only showing the price slider? Is this because it is a demo version?


that clears everything up, thank you for explaining this to me. One further question. I have done the following;

1. Added all the Specification Attributes
2. Edited a product and selected my new Specification Attribute. However, in order to have the 'Allow Filtering' check box present the Attribute must be an option?

Do I need to add an option to the Specification Attribute? If so would it be possible to explain the reasoning behind this?


Thanks for the work around!

Currently I have many Specification Attributes assigned to our products already (e.g. colors, metal used, etc).

Is it possible to use specific Specification Attributes only on the menu (i.e. only show the ones I want in the AJAX menu? (so they still appear on the product details pages).

Alternatively, we don't really use the Product Attributes, Is it possible for me to AJAX filter based on these fields?

As above, is it possible to use your plugin to filter based on category as well as the other fields?

Firstly, thanks for the link.

Is it possible for me to set the manFilters value from my razor view?

Hi Stoyan,

As far as I was aware it got compiled to a .dll during the publish?

I restarted the application though IIS and can now see the configure screen.

Would it be possible to explain why this occurred so I can understand for future issues?

Hi Stoyan,

As its a published version there is no Global.asax uploaded?

I have clicked the restart application button from the admin area, however, this did not solve the issue.

Hi all,

I downloaded the trial version of the Ajax Filters to demo them.

I have then followed the instructions and copied both the core and filters plugin folders to my installation.

The plugins then installed successfully (i.e. I went to the plugin listings, and then clicked install to first the core and then the filters).

However, I get the above error when clicking the configure button on the ajax filters.

I am running Nop Version 3.70 and the download zip is

Can anyone please help to resolve this?

Ok, yes that looks good, I'll download the demo and give it whirl. If it integrates well then I'll be purchasing no problem!