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2 years ago

Suggestion #2: It would be beneficial to allow custom titles to be specified (and also to include the product name) and also for additional information about the sale to be specified. If I'm having a sale it is likely related to a specific occasion (Christmas, Black Friday, etc.) and some text would help indicate to end users what is going on.

2 years ago

Suggestion: I would like to have a sale of the day where I discount one product a day for X number of days. Right now, if I wanted to do this for, say, 10 days I would have to set up 10 different offers, each with one product specified and one day scheduled (let me know if there is another way). This is time consuming and cumbersome.

One way I can think of addressing this would be to add an extra product condition. The system could check to see if tier pricing was in place for a certain date. If so, the product is considered part of the sale, if not it is not.

2 years ago

Can you please explain how to utilize the 'Show Special Price Countdown Timer' with Nopcommerce 3.90, now that the 'special prices' properties have been removed and replaced with tier pricing?

That was the missing piece. Thank you so much for your quick response!

I was hoping you could help me with an issue I'm having. This isn't an issue with 7spikes code, per se, but the Nop Element theme is indirectly causing an issue that I'm hoping you have encountered.

I wrote a plugin and am overriding a partial view (_OrderDetails.Shipping). Note: this partial view resides in the admin portion of the site, and is not accessed from Nop.Web. I've taken the standard steps of adding a custom view engine and injected it so that it is the first ViewEngine that MVC finds. When I run this without the 7spikes Element/Code/etc. plugins installed, I see the correct content, for example:

However, when I install the Element theme (and accompanying 7spikes plugins) I see the original partial view without my changes. With the help of Glimpse I can see the View location is being provided by the ViewEngine7Spikes view engine, and not my own:

Removing these plugins results in me seeing my partial view again. Since the Element theme does not alter the admin site in any way, I'm wondering if it is possible to create exceptions so that the 7spikes ViewEngine does not intercept admin controller and partial view requests. I'm sure you're well seasoned in doing so, but the following guide outlines the process I followed and can be used to reproduce the issue:

Any insight is greatly appreciated,
Thank you

2 years ago

I'm using the Photoswipe to display images on my ecommerce site (currently in development). I recently purchased Nop Element and am having issues integrating Photoswipe with Nop Element. The issue is that when a thumbnail is clicked and the full sized image is opened in full-screen mode, certain Nop Element DOM elements are positioned above the image, obscuring parts of the photograph.

Here is a link to an imgur photo demonstrating this issue

Can placement of these elements somehow be de-prioritized so that they do not appear on top? It is strange that some elements (such as the title area) do not present this issue but others (such as the newsletter textbox) do. Any help would be greatly appreciated.