The One Page Checkout Every NopCommerce Store Should Have

The One Page Checkout Every NopCommerce Store Should Have

A quick and clutter-free One Page checkout is something an e-commerce store cannot go without nowadays. Every store owner puts a lot of effort into bringing buyers to their e-commerce website with the intention of making a purchase. However, all that effort can go to waste if the customers abandon their carts due to a clumsy or slow checkout.

Being store owners ourselves, we faced the dilemma of using the default nopCommerce checkout or developing a better, single-page checkout plugin for nopCommerce users to benefit from.

To explain the logic behind our decision to choose the latter, we would like to get you familiar with the available checkout options for nopCommerce.

NopCommerce Default Checkout

There are essentially two default options you can choose from when setting up your NopCommerce store:

1. A standard checkout - with a progress bar that allows the customer to check his progress

2. A checkout accordion - requires several clicks for proceeding through the different checkout steps


NopCommerce Default Checkout

Both default options demand at least six steps for the customer to place an order. To update the purchase information, they have to go back and forth before completing the whole checkout process.

Furthermore, the purchase information they provide is not visible throughout the whole checkout process.

It happens often that a customer enters a shipping address and then selects a payment method that contains a different address. To avoid conflicts with the bank, he or she decides to change the shipping address by going back 2-3 steps. This can turn out to be very frustrating.

The disadvantage is obvious. The process is too long and can be confusing to the point that a customer might end up abandoning their shopping cart.

After the customer has made up his mind and has added his desired products to the shopping cart, purchasing them should be as easy as a snap of fingers.

So then you might be thinking, what other choices do I have?

Luckily for you, we at Nop-Templates have created a plug-in that makes the checkout process a delightful experience for your customers.

A One Page Checkout for NopCommerce

To check out in one step is now possible with the Nop One Page Checkout plugin for nopCommerce. The plugin respects all built-in nopCommerce checkout settings such as orders, tax calculation, etc. It integrates with nopCommerce seamlessly, providing optimized functionality.

But what makes this plug-in awesome?

It has been built having the customer in mind at all times. The goal is, after all, to make the purchase experience seamless for the customer. Which in turn benefits the store owners themselves.

Practically speaking, the One Page Checkout Plugin helps store owners reduce cart abandonment and increase their conversion rates.

With the new One Page Checkout plugin for nopComemrce, customers will be able to:


  1. Checkout in one step only
  2. Select the billing or shipping address from their address book
  3. Get an immediate shipping cost estimate
  4. Choose the shipping method for their package delivery
  5. Choose one of the available payment methods or use their reward points
  6. Remove or edit the product quantity on the single checkout page
  7. Enter a discount code or a gift card on the checkout page
  8. Have a real-time update on the final price, taxes, and total throughout the whole checkout process (i.e: when they choose shipping/payment methods, enter discount code/gift card, or when changing the product quantity)
  9. Single-page checkout on their favorite device (desktop, tablet, and mobile)

 One Page Checkout Plugin for NopCommerce

With the new One Page Checkout plugin for nopCommerce, the store owners will be able to:

  1. Provide their customers with a more convenient and flexible checkout process
  2. Have the option to disable shopping cart to speed up checkout
  3. Add checkout attributes such as gift wrapping
  4. Have VAT/TAX number verification for European Union countries


With the rapid development of e-commerce and the ever-changing customer trends, having a fast, reliable, one-page checkout has become essential for any e-commerce site.

Are you tired of customers abandoning shopping carts and of low sales conversions? Give NopCommerce One Page Checkout plugin a try. You can download a two-week free trial immediately, and decide whether you like it or not.

The plugin is also part of the Nop Ultimate Plugin Collection which now includes 29 powerful nopCommerce plugins for just a fraction of their price.

If you are already using our one-page checkout plugin, we will be happy to hear from your experiences or answer your questions in the comments section below.