Nop Cloud Zoom plugin for 3.80 is now better than ever

Nop Cloud Zoom plugin for 3.80 is now better than ever

For the past few months, we have been working on some of our earliest plugins for nopCommerce. We have improved their performance and have added new features to bring them up to date. The Nop Cloud Zoom is the first plugin to get an uplift. The Nop Mega Menu, the Nop JCarousel and the Nop Anywhere Sliders will follow suit. All updated versions of the plugins will be released for 3.80 in the next couple of months. In our blog section, we will present the new features for each of the plugins, starting with the Nop Cloud Zoom.

The first and probably the most notable update is that the Cloud Zoom plugin is now fully responsive. This alone will allow your customers to zoom product images on mobile and to easily make a buying decision. The plugin works on all browsers, iPad, iPhone, and Android.
Fully responsive

The plugin supports a fully responsive carousel of small product images, which can be used to select the image that you want to zoom. In this way, it is easy to zoom through all product images even on mobile.
Fully responsive carousel of products
A variable zoom option is available for version 3.80 – you can use the mouse wheel on а desktop or a pinch gesture on mobile to zoom in and out.
Variable zoom
As on previous versions, you can specify the position of the zoom window on desktop e.g. right, left, top, bottom, inside or easily configure a custom position.
Zoom position
You can apply a color tint to the smaller image when the lens is visible.
Color tint
You can add a title to the image that is zoomed.

Add a title

You can apply a smooth move effect to the image that is zoomed. The higher the number, the smoother/more drifty the movement will be. 1 = no smoothing.
Smooth move affect
There is a zoom on click option available.
Zoom on click

To test the new features, do not hesitate to download a free trial of the plugin. You can share your feedback in the comments below. It will be much appreciated.
The Nop Cloud Zoom plugin is part of our best value Nop Ultimate Plugin Collection, which now includes a total of 27 plugins.