we have recently purchased the NopPacificTheme_Pack for 4.40 nopcommerce. We have encountered an error under linux deployment with unaltered nopcommerce dockerfile.

https://gist.github.com/killerwife/e20b6285be242704eba26e455e690589 - this is the error we are getting when going into "Edit Slider Details - Main Slider Homepage" - URL: /Admin/AnywhereSlidersAdmin/Edit/1 when clicking Edit on any slider.

Unable to load shared library 'libSkiaSharp' is the main overarching error. Nopcommerce fixed this a few months back in https://github.com/nopSolutions/nopCommerce/commit/12dd4825dfb56bbc64e192cd35d25e3205427646

It seems it might be a missing nuget package for linux support. An example of the discussion is either here https://github.com/nopSolutions/nopCommerce/issues/5563 or here https://stackoverflow.com/questions/53693042/dllnotfoundexception-using-skiasharp-1-68-on-linux

Any help would be appreciated, since this is currently the only issue we are having with this theme.